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Fill Your Calendar With Leads


Nick has helped Kreative Disruption book over 50 calls in the past 8 weeks. The leads that he has brought us have generated over $500k in revenue. We've gotten a huge ROI from working with Nick!

Kreative Disruption

A better way to send money.

Foolproof Market Positioning

60% (or more) of outbound success is in the targeting. You can have the best offer in the world but if you are presenting it to the wrong audience - you won’t have success. We fix that.

Every Offer Has a Story

Who do you help? How do you help them? Why do you help them? Every business has a story. We use yours to position you as an expert and let your client results do the talking. Our outbound messaging is concise. No fluff or salesyness.

Meeting Ready Leads on Autopilot

We pull the lead list. We write the outbound messaging. We book meetings into your calendar. You: show up on the sales call and close.

Nick Palasz, Founder at Slyleadz

We Weren’t Always Outbound Specialists

Like many salespeople I started working professionally as a Business Development Representative. Making 100+ cold calls a day was not easy but it was work that needed to be done. Smile and Dial!

I quickly came to realize there is virtually no leverage in cold calling. You are reaching out to someone who is not expecting your call. You may be catching them off-guard or they may be busy. I learned that I needed to be concise and establish credibility immediately.

Thousands of cold calls and a new job later - I had given up on cold email. The industry bounce rate was 12%. In an entire year I booked 2 meetings from cold email. If I was going to be successful I had to do it the hard way - cold calling. So that’s what I did.

At year end I was promoted to an Account Executive. Our new sales leadership told us that marketing would provide us with all our leads. They told us to stop prospecting (mistake). 2 months and 3 leads later I was let go citing the lack of leads. I like to think that’s the day Slyleadz was born.

Fill Your Calendar With Leads